Rachel Green (daughter) Jill Green (daughter) Amy Green (daughter)="hiddenStructure"
Leonard Green
Portrayer Ron Leibman
First seen The One With The Two Parties
Last seen The One Where Joey Speaks French
Duration 1996-2004
Date of birth {{{DOB}}}
Occupation Vascular Surgeon
Family Sandra Green (ex-wife)

Rachel Green (daughter) Jill Green (daughter) Amy Green (daughter)

Leonard Green (Ron Leibman) — Rachel's father, a vascular surgeon who takes an instant dislike to her boyfriend Ross in "The One with the Two Parties"[e 64] and "The One with the Race Car Bed".[e 15] In "The One with the Stripper" (Season 8, 2001) he is infuriated when Ross does not propose to Rachel after they conceive a child. He has a heart attack in "The One Where Joey Speaks French"[e 75] and is recovering in hospital when Ross turns up.

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